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Things That Accompany Salvation

Things That Accompany Salvation
By: Wendell Winkler
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  The basics of God's scheme of redemption are studied indepth in this ex tremely needful volume. Included in this vital and fundamental study are lessons on rightly dividing the word. the power of the gospel, getting serious over sin, the love and grace of God, the blood of Christ, the Savior's in vitation, conversion, the new birth, sanctification, what must I do to be saved, faith, repentance, and baptism.
128 pages. 13 lessons.

Table of Contents
1. Rightly Dividing The Word of Truth
2. The Power of The Gospel
3. Getting Serious Over Sin
4. The Love and Grace of God
5. The Blood of Christ
6. The Saviour's Invitation
7. Except Ye Be Converted
8. Ye Must Be Born Again.
9. Sanctification According To The Scriptures
10. What Must I Do To Be Saved?
11. Saving Faith
12. Repent Or Perish
13. Bible Baptism