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Heart Diseases And Their Cure

Difficult Texts of the New Testament Explained
By: Wendell Winkler


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• Tools, Hermeneutical Principles, Methods and Approaches Needed in Studying Difficult Texts
• "In Which (Epistles of Our Beloved Brother Paul) Are Some Things Hard to Be Understood"
• How Do You Reconcile Human Suffering and the Reality of Hell with the Existence of the Good and Merciful God?
• The Problem of Interpolation: Should Mark 16:9-20, Acts 8:37 and 1 John 5:7-8 Be in Our Bibles?
• Did Jesus Turn Water into Intoxicating Wine? And, What About "Not Given to Much Wine?" for Deacons and "Not Given to Wine" for Elders?
• The Bible Doctrine of Predestination, Foreordination, and Election
• Clarifying the Difficulties Arising from Alleged Contradictions
• The Beauty, Simplicity and Understandability of the Scriptures
• "Give Us Men/Women of the Book!"
• Difficult Texts from the Gospel Accounts
• Difficult Texts from Acts-Revelation